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Congrats! You finally pulled the plug and bought that two-months'-rent “investment” handbag. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and actually store that puppy the right way. (Hint: not under the sofa or slung over the door handle.) Here, six storage tips to keep your nicest stuff nicer longer.


Store your purses on shelves

To the woman with 14 handbags on her doorknob: You are slowly but surely taking years off that Marc Jacobs’ life span. Next time, put your purses in their dust bags, slide them upright on a shelf and use dividers to keep bulkier bags from shifting.


And your tights in sandwich baggies

Truth: You are more likely to snag your hosiery if you’re digging through a disheveled pile. Fold and stash eachpair in a resealable plastic bag, then stick them in your sock drawer for easy retrieval.


Stuff your shoes

Stuffing: It’s not just for boots, people. Fill any shoe (we’re talking heels, sneaks and flats) with tissue paper or even wadded-up newspaper to help it keep its form over time. As for boots, go with Styrofoam shapers or cut-up pool noodles.


Ditch the wire hangers

Because there’s nothing sadder than a silk dress with little puckers in its shoulders.


And fold when you can

There’s a reason celebs’ covetable walk-in closets are filled with floor-to-ceiling shelving: Folding and storing clothing puts less stress on the material--particularly for coats, sweaters and jeans.


Stop jamming 900 blouses into a 2-foot closet

Much like you after a weekend with your mother-in-law, your nicest clothes need room to breathe. Resist the urge to squeeze garments tightly into a closet or storage bin, which can cause wrinkles and pilling and make weird smells stagnate.

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