How to Shop Your Favorite TV Shows's Ferragamo.

Let’s be honest: The best part of Thursdays is Scandal.

And the best part of Scandal is the clothes. (OK, and the illicit affairs and the murderous mom and that whole kidnapping thing.)

But back to the clothes: You know you’re constantly dying to know where all those crisp white suits come from.

Enter Pradux, a site that lists items recently worn on popular TV shows.

The circular yellow purse Jess and Cece fought over on New Girl? It’s Marc by Marc Jacobs. Rayna James’s wedding dress from Nashville? Monique Lhuillier.

Now, it’s important to note: The site’s not perfect. You won’t find every outfit from every show. The deal is that anyone is able to link a clip and the clothing item, and then get paid when people buy it. That’s why it’s not quite all-encompassing.

But hey, it's a far cry better than what you had been doing: blinding typing “Olivia Pope bra” into Google and cringing with the possible NSFW results.

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