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How to Make Your Sweaters Less Itchy

The winter struggle: All you want to do is swaddle yourself in heavy knits, but all you end up doing is itching and scratching and breaking out into hives. Here, a solution for restoring softness to that Brillo pad of a cardigan you’ve been wearing.

What you need: Hair conditioner.

What you do: Fill your sink with cold water. Take out your wool culprit of choice (one that allows for hand washing, not just dry-clean only) and soak it until completely damp. Drain the sink and press out excess water from the sweater. Apply a liberal amount of hair conditioner to the garment, working it into the fibers all over with your hands. Let it sit for half an hour and then rinse out with cold water. Lay flat to dry.

How it works: Wool is just sheep hair, y’all. It requires maintenance and a little love--just like your own tresses--every now and then.

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