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You pride yourself on keeping your wardrobe up-to-date. (Except for those fabulous bell bottoms--thank goodness you kept them.) But what about eyewear? They succumb to trends, too, and if you haven’t replaced your frames in the last, oh, decade, you might be aging yourself. Here, four tricks to looking young and current in your glasses.

DO: Embrace Thick Resin Frames
Not the newest trend per se, but they’re hanging in for the foreseeable future. So if you’re heading to the optometrist anytime soon, try on a few chunky pairs. Or, better yet, order a home try-on pack from über-trendy Warby Parker.

DON’T: Think Less Is More
A tiny pair of readers isn’t doing you any favors by way of age. Instead, draw all the attention to your eyes with oversized frames, which work especially well on an oval or long face by offsetting proportions.

DO: Learn to Love Color
Brighten up, buttercup! Unexpected hues (like red) weirdly complement eye colors (like blue) and feel like a breath of fresh air. Or, if you’re a little wary of going bold, try some clear resin joints. It may seem counterintuitive, but a contemporary shape (like rectanglular) will come across far less like Sophia from Golden Girls and far more like a trendsetting Swedish model.

DON’T: Knock the Cat Eye Til You’ve Tried It
You may associate these with a crazy high-school art teacher, but they're quickly becoming one of the trendiest styles of the moment. The sweeping shape highlights your cheekbones and contours your face shape. Plus, today’s designer versions aren’t as dramatic as the days of yore. Take a cue from Meryl and look for a more oval shape with a less severe tip for just the right amount of flair.

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