Girl, you are rocking those slip-on sneakers so hard right now. Too bad the white rubber soles have turned a depressing shade of grimy gray. Here’s how to use Magic Eraser on shoes to get that brand new sneaker look. 

What you need:

A Magic Eraser and a paper towel.

Step 1: Wet the Eraser

Open that fresh new Magic Eraser and run it under some water.

Step 2: Buff Sneakers

Go to town buffing out all the marks and dirt on the rubber (really get in there).

Step 3: Pat Dry

Once you’re done, dry them with a paper towel and behold as your sneaks return to their former glory.

Why it works:

Magic Erasers are made from a special melamine foam that’s activated by water to basically become a very fine sandpaper. No bleach. No weird chemicals.

Why it’s awesome:

White sneaks = fresh lease on life.

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