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Rosetta Getty
Clothes this unusual will stay in style a lifetime.

Don’t you simply hate the feel of cheap clothes? And when you think about it, doesn’t it make more sense to buy one high-ticket item you’ll wear forever than a bunch of bargain pieces you’ll be sick of after a single wear? 

These are just two of the rationalizations that were ping-ponging through our head as we considered the new collection from local designer Rosetta Getty. She is the ex-model wife of actor-philanthropist Balthazar Getty; with their four kids, the beautiful couple is as close to American royalty as is possible in the Hollywood Hills. 

Now Getty’s turning out softly tailored garments perfect for our laid-back lifestyle. We can wear them to lunch on West Third Street, but they’re still distinctive enough to turn heads at the Jonathan Club. 

Take our new sartorial crush, the wool, cotton and silk-blend twill vest. It’s ankle-grazing length and has a split back that causes it to flutter softly as you walk. It looks totally Japanese cool.’s $1,850. But it will last a decade or longer and, thus, run you less than $200 a year! We’d wear it with a turtleneck now, then with a satin cami in the summer.

And don’t forget--it’s so eco-conscious to buy fewer, more long-lasting garments.

Rosetta Getty is available at A’maree’s, 2241 West Coast Hwy., Newport Beach; 949-642-4423 or

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