Think back to grade school, particularly picture day. Remember how embarrassing some of your photos turned out? Whether you were rocking an ill-advised outfit or a did-it-yourself haircut, chances are you’ve got at least one set of photos you’d rather never see again.

These days, your little ones can always be on point with H&M’s Back to School Collection.

H&M has long been your go-to for on-trend styles, and its kids’ collection is no different. You can get mix-and-match tops and pants for just $9.99. Dress the girls in graphic sweatshirts and leather-accented leggings and the guys in rad bomber jackets and slouchy khakis.

Adorable options aside, you’ll get 20 percent off all online and in-store purchases of $50 or more, and free shipping for all online orders.

Sure, they’re bummed the summer is halfway over, but with a fresh new wardrobe from H&M, they might actually look forward to going back to school--and having those pictures taken.

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