Your iPad would look pretty in pink.

We?ve always heard that our Midwestern neighbor, gritty Detroit, has secret spots of fabulousness.

Case in point: Shinola, a Detroit-based leather-goods line best known for its sensibly stylish watches.

Shinola just opened a charming shop in Bucktown, and its products are constructed nearby at Chicago?s own Horween Leather Company.

And while we?d love to slip on a slim-strapped Birdy watch ($475) or do our commute on a snazzy white Detroit Arrow bike ($1,000), let?s face it, they?re just out of our budget.

What we can justify is Shinola?s super-soft, leather-wrapped case for our iPhone 6 ($90), or a smooth envelope for protecting our MacBook ($245). As for our collection of plastic, we?re going to need the large wallet ($195) in dreamy rose pink--preferably monogrammed.

After all, too many things in our lives are hard metal with glowing screens; it?s time to soften up.

Shinola, 1619 N. Damen Ave.; 773-904-2417 or

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