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Rainbow-colored fur. Weapon-grade stilettos. Handbags that cost more than a Honda Civic. These are all things you expect to see on the attendees of Paris Fashion Week. But this season, the biggest trend took everyone by surprise--mostly because it's been in rotation for a few seasons now.

And that's the bomber jacket. Let's see how the fashion elite took our favorite weekend piece and reimagined it for Spring 2016.


Cropped Military

Masculine meets feminine for a knock-out evening look.

Get the look: Silence + Noise jacket ($149)


Oversized Military

Long loose layers will flatter just about any shape.

Get the look: Missguided jacket ($60)


Satin Athletic

You don't have to be heading to the ballpark to pull off a throwback varsity look.

Get the look: Vintage jacket ($68)



Trust: It does wonders with a pencil midi and pumps.

Get the look: Reebok jacket ($90)



Trust: It does wonders with...pretty much anything you want it to.

Get the look: Forever 21 jacket ($28)

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