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Board shorts are the new boy shorts
Surfer girls know board shorts have got you covered

It’s a classic dilemma: You want to enjoy the beach, but you’re worried about stuff. Is your tummy sticking out of your bathing suit? Are those bikini side ties tight enough to keep you decent while boogie boarding?

You can rest easy when wearing new Birdwell 402 board shorts ($79).

At a glance, this ladies’ design looks just like the iconic men’s shorts made in Santa Ana since 1961. (The legend goes that a surf mom originally stitched up a few pairs out of sail cloth, which were then embraced by Newport Beach lifeguards.) 

But looking closer, you see these 402s are specially shaped for honeys (that’s a nickname for female surfers, btw). The inseam is a bit shorter (four inches), the pocket’s been moved from the back to the front and there’s a slight curve from the waist to the bottom seam.

We ordered our Birdwells a size larger than usual, for a baggier, more relaxed fit.

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