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When it comes to sartorial controversies, the age-old “Are leggings pants?” debate is the one that gets us most riled up. That’s because, as we’ll soon prove, not only are leggings pants, but they are among the best pants. Without further ado, a manifesto, of sorts.

celeb leggings

Dearest Leggings,

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways:

You are comfortable. The most comfortable. Seriously, try to think of another article of clothing that leaves you free to kick and stretch and KICK. Boyfriend jeans wish they were as cozy as you are.

You make us feel good. Not just because of your said comfiness, but because you bring us thismuch closer to maybe slightly kinda a little bit resembling noted leggings enthusiast Gigi Hadid.

You’re versatile. Seriously, think about it: Whether paired with a workout tank or an oversized sweater, leggings go with way more than the naysayers think. Tunics. Oxfords. Blazers. Boots. Shall we continue?

You’re trendsetters. You and you alone ushered in the athleisure trend. From the streets to the runways, everyone and their mother is rocking this comfortable and cool look. And for that, we thank you.

You don’t discriminate. That thing where we’re lying on our bed pulling with all our might to get a pair of jeans over our thighs? Not going to happen. In a world of body-shaming nonsense, you are the most inclusive.

You motivate us. Sure, we wear leggings to run errands and go shopping and travel, but sometimes slipping into a pair of tummy-sucking-in Spandex is just the push we need to get our butts to the gym. How novel. 

You build us up. And after all of those trips to the spin studio, sometimes we want to ignore conventional wisdom and not cover our butt while wearing leggings. You know who’s not gonna judge? You guys.

You don’t let the haters get you down. And boy are there haters. From creepy all-male Fox News panels to crazy ladies in Kentucky to misogynistic principals, you brush off the criticism and get on with your day. Stretchin’ and kickin’.

In conclusion, keep doing you, leggings. We love you just the way you are.



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