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The fashion capitals of the world: Paris, New York, London--Los Angeles, not so much. But it doesn’t matter, because we’ve got a certain decidedly casual style here that we love. From Uggs (yes, we’re still wearing them) to torn sweats, here are six fashion choices you’re making that are dead giveaways you’re so Left Coast. Shoes

Funny how even though no one walks in Los Angeles, it takes a wedding to get us to put on heels. We’d rather wear espadrilles or, if we’re feeling fancy, leather espadrilles.

LAFash Jeans 618x355

Embellished Jeans

Torn, patched and even de-hemmed, there’s never too much going on when it comes to our denim and channeling our inner hippie.

LAFashion Torn 618x782

Torn Sweatshirt

This was designed in Los Angeles and costs $420. Seems pricey, until you think of how cool you’ll look during chilly nights picnicking at the Bowl.

LAFashion RockerTee 618x782

Rocker T-Shirt

Elsewhere, this is your clothing choice when you’re gardening or doing housework. Here, you wear it with cut-offs or jeans to go to dinner. And you know what? It rocks.

Short, Sleeveless, Mini

Everyone here is yoga, hiking, boot camp, repeat. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


And our fuzzy boots? Sure, we’ll take them off. When you pry our cold dead feet out of them.

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