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By now we’ve taken enough spills and seen enough rom-coms to know the true hazards of holding hands while ice-skating. But what seasonal activities do in fact make for a successful wintertime date? Here, 15 cozy, charming and definitively cold-weather-approved ideas to warm up to.

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winter dates cabin

Rent a Log Cabin

Embrace the season’s solitude by taking an overnight trip to a cabin in the woods (LYMI, Airbnb). Unplug, cuddle up, breathe in the pine-scented air and listen to the sweet sounds of silence.

winter dates hotel robe

Or Book A Fancy Hotel Room

If a local shake-up is more your style, splurge on a sexy staycation. Think fluffy robes, rain head showers, room service, and, best of all, no kids or roommates.

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winter dates ballet

Buy Tickets To A Charity Event

'Tis the season of balls, ballet and silent auctions. Get all dolled up, revel in the hobnobbery and check each other out admiringly all night long.

winter dates dogs

Volunteer Together

Usher in 2017 by sharing good karma and memories. Ladle out some much-needed nourishment at the soup kitchen, read books to adorable kiddos or head to your local animal shelter.

winter dates movie

Indulge In A Snowy Movie Marathon

In these dark and freezing times, we hereby declare it totally fine to hole up for a wintery movie marathon (Serendipity, anyone?). Just be sure to keep it sexy, not shlumpy, with elevated snacks, piles of pillows and blankets, and attire that is, well, not sweatpants.

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winter dates cocktails

Throw an Intimate Cocktail Party

Social calendars can get all kinds of sleepy through the winter months. Don’t you ever wish someone would host an above-average yet non-fussy get-together? Be the couple to take one for the team. (Remember, it doesn’t have to be difficult!)

winter dates game

Or a Host a Game Night

Backgammon? Check. Bourbon? Check, check. Group-date crew? Check, check, check. Now is the time of year to celebrate staying in...and the delightful dorkiness of trivia and board games with friends.

winter dates cooking

Take A Cooking Class

Sign up for a cooking workshop or, for the more disciplined among us, attempt one at home with the guidance of a great cookbook. And yes, learning to “cook” a mean vin brulè counts too.

winter dates language

Or a Language Course

Say bonjour to a new language to talk dirty in. Or you know, help you ace your upcoming vacation in Aix-en-Provence.

winter dates hocket

Head To A Hockey Game

Hot dudes duking it out on the ice plus diet-defying nachos guarantee a great time for both you and your significant other.

winter dates hot tub

Seek Out a Hot Tub

A luxurious, steamy soak is welcome date night fodder in any season, but winter temperatures practically demand it. (If a spa visit isn’t in your budget, go DIY and create a fancy bath for two at home.)

winter dates showshoeing

Go Snowshoeing

Drive to your nearest ski town and step out together into the snowy tundra. We love snowshoeing for its leisurely sightseeing, low rental cost and, most importantly, low skill level (read: risk of injury and/or utter humiliation).

winter dates grill


One theory? Seasonal affective disorder is a direct result of longing for summer food fresh off the grill. Fire up the old girl, dress in several extra layers (and bring an extra warm blanket for each of you), then cook dinner outside together on the grill.

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winter dates zoo

Get a Nature Refresher

Head to the nearest botanical garden, aquarium or zoo and let the greenhouse flora and fauna remind you that spring is just around the corner. Three cheers for the great indoors!

winter dates fire

Light A Fire

...And call it a day. A roaring hearth (with wine in hand) is perhaps winter’s greatest simple pleasure. Add your favorite person to that equation and what more can a girl ask for?

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