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You know what we’re over? The debate about breastfeeding in public. You and your little Liam should eat whenever you damn well please. But even as empowered as we feel, dressing for out-in-the-open nursing can still be tricky. So we polled PureWow’s nursing mamas and asked what kinds of clothes have saved their days.

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nursing clothes top

A Fabulously Loose Top to Act as a Blanket

Tunics are your friends. Not only are they oversized and stylish, but they’re also prime for covert breastfeeding. Once you’re situated and ready to nurse, lift up your shirt, get your little guy situated and drape excess fabric over his head for an instant privacy blanket.

Zara ($70)

nursing clothing sweater

A Soft, Stretchy, Slightly Cropped Sweater

Then again, you may be sick of all the flowing maternity clothes. If that’s the case, invest in a lightweight sweater that will stretch and mold over your baby’s head. But steer clear of any rough fabrics like wool. You’ll want cotton with a little Lycra, ideally.

Gap ($50)

nursing clothing tulip
Motherhood Maternity

A Tulip-Wrap Nursing Top

As evidenced above, you can get away with wearing a number of regular tops. But know that there are also plenty of nursing-specific designs, like this tulip flyaway wrap.

Motherhood Maternity ($20)

nursing clothing skirt
J. Crew

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts, Skirts

Say goodbye to dresses for the next six to 12 months, ladies. Unless you’re cool with being bare-assed in the ladies’ room, get on board with skirts and separates. This lets you stay in public and just lift up your shirt to feed.

J.Crew top ($70) and skirt ($98)

nursing clothing tank

A Nursing Tank Top to Layer Underneath

With all that lifting and stretching and draping going on, you may also want something to cover your belly. Get a simple nursing tank so you can easily clip the straps off and on, and retain some of your modesty.

H&M ($25 for a pack of two)

nursing clothing scarf

A Giant Scarf to Layer on Top

Another solution for making your baby (and areolas) feel safe: a tissue-thin cashmere wrap. You can tote it with you everywhere and always feel prepared for an on-the-go feeding.

White + Warren ($209)

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