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Mother’s Blessings Are the Remarkably Low-Key Alternative to Baby Showers

Celebrating the birth of a new baby is always going to be special, but diaper cakes and oohing and ahhing over teeny-tiny shoes isn’t for everyone. And that’s OK because there’s another way to honor a mom-to-be that showers her with just as much love. Here’s how to throw a “Mother’s Blessing.”

So, what is it? A Mother's Blessing is a way to celebrate, inspire and encourage expectant moms. It usually involves close female friends and family gathering around the mom-to-be in a circle and spending time with her—sharing birthing stories, reading blessings and generally helping her prepare for motherhood. Unlike traditional baby showers, Mother’s Blessings are less about the baby and more about the expectant mom.

How can I throw one? There’s no set way to have a Mother’s Blessing, but typical activities include: making a necklace for the mom to wear during labor (each participant can bring one own bead to add on), giving each other henna tattoos, casting a mold of the mother's belly and sharing uplifting birth stories. Guests can also “mother” the expectant mama by giving her a relaxing foot bath or brushing her hair.

This sounds hippie AF. It is. Go with it.

What should I bring? Typically, there aren’t any gifts at a Mother’s Blessing, although guests may bring poems to read or beads to make jewelry. They can also bring a dish to share—no baby-themed finger foods required.  

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