TTC, DD and 21 Other Parenting Board Acronyms, Deciphered

Parenting forums can be a great source of advice, support and commiseration. But if you’re not down with the lingo, they can also be pretty damn confusing (what the heck does TTC mean, anyway?). Here, 23 acronyms explained so that you can participate in mommy boards efficiently and confidently. Because typing STTN is so much easier than writing “sleeping through the night”—especially if you can’t remember the last time you were able to do exactly that.

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1. LO
Means: Little one
As in: “We’re starting potty training with our LO this weekend—any advice?”

2. FF
Means: Formula feeding
As in: “A major perk of FF is that your DP [dear partner] can pitch in.”

3. AP
Means: Attachment parenting
As in: “Millennials are all about AP.”

4. BF
Means: Breastfeeding
As in: “Did you see that Apple is introducing a BF emoji? It’s about time!”

Means: Sleeping through the night
As in: “Dear God, when will my baby STTN?”

6. TTC
Means: Trying to conceive
As in: “My SO [significant other] and I are TTC.”

7. HPT
Means: Home pregnancy test
As in: “Just took three HPTs and I’m definitely pregnant.”

8. BC
Means: Before children (can also mean birth control)
As in: “Remember BC when you could go to the bathroom in peace?”

9. CIO
Means: Cry it out
As in: “CIO was so hard but now my baby’s STTN.”

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10. DD
Means: Dear daughter
As in: “I love my DD but she sure is cranky in the mornings.”

11. DS
Means: Dear son
As in: “I love my DS but he sure is cranky in the mornings.”

12. NIP
Means: Nursing in public
As in: “Does anyone have any tips for NIP?” (Yep, we do—here are 7 tips for breastfeeding in public.)

13. BD
Means: Baby dancing, which means having unprotected sex
As in: “If you’re TTC, you’d better get your BD on.”

14. EDD
Means: Estimated due date
As in: “My EDD is September 22, but I’m hoping it’ll be earlier.”

Means: Stay at home mom/dad
As in: “For anyone who thinks that being a SAHM is easy—think again!”

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16. BM
Means: Breastmilk
As in: “BM popsicles for teething babies are pure genius.”

17. L&D
Means: Labor and delivery
As in: “How many people am I allowed to have with me in L&D?”

18. MIL
Means: Mother-in-law
As in: “Help—my MIL is driving me crazy!”

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19. FIL
Means: Father-in-law
As in: “Help—my FIL is driving me crazy!”

20. FTM
Means: First time mom
As in: “FTM looking for advice on sleep training.”

21. ML
Means: Maternity leave
As in: “My work offers a really generous ML package.”

22. MoM
Means: Mother of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)
As in: “MoMs are the ultimate multitaskers.”

23. EBF
Means: Extended or exclusively breastfeeding
As in: “I was planning on EBF, but plans change.”

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