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You and your hubby have some news. You’re preggers! Now, the fun part: Deciding how you'll overshare announce it to all 1,324 of your closest social media pals. We get it. You want to shout your pre-baby joy from the rooftops. But committing a social media faux pas isn’t worth it. Here, five types of posts to avoid.

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Baby Shoes List 1

Telling Your Followers Before Calling Your Mom

No, tagging her in the pic with your shoes, your hubby’s shoes and the baby-to-be’s shoes does not count.

Pregnancy Test List 2

Flashing a Shot of Your Positive Pregnancy Test

Do we need to think about your urine? Nah, we’re good.

Baby Crib List 3

Showing Your Firstborn Being Evicted from the Crib

Your sad-faced (and behind bars) toddler is kind of making us feel bad.

Tiffany Rattle List 4

Sharing Your News Next to a Pic of a Pricey Rattle

Look, you can splurge on $500 baby items in private to your heart’s content. But broadcasting something so flashy at such a special time feels gross.

Beyonce Baby List 5

Showing a Staged and Super-Sexy Belly Shot

Unless you’re Beyoncé. In which case, carry on.

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