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Whether you’re pregnant now or currently in the throes of baby-dom, finding on-sale infant gear is clutch. That’s why we’ve uncovered these seven work-arounds for scoring serious savings. (You're welcome.)

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First Things First: Ask the Hospital for Samples

Diapers, ointment, burp cloths, formula—you’d be surprised how many (actually useful) freebies you can acquire just by chatting up the nurses when you give birth. We’re not saying you’ll walk out the door with a lifetime supply, but samples to last a few days or a week can shave tens of dollars off your monthly baby bills.

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Contact Your Insurance Provider About Savings and Perks

PSA: Your health care provider must cover the cost of a breast pump. (It says it right here on this government website.) Your best bet is to talk to your doc first or contact your insurance company directly to find out any parameters—and how to go about being reimbursed—before you buy. And while you’re on the phone, it never hurts to put feelers out about other discounts it offers. We’ve heard from moms who’ve gotten cash back on items ranging from their prenatal vitamins to their car seat, depending on their insurance. 

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Invest in Convertible Gear

All hail the crib that converts to a toddler bed (or the car seat that converts from rear-facing to forward-facing). Items like these may feel like a pricier investment up front, but if it means you don’t have to upgrade your three-year-old’s sleeping arrangement two years down the line, it’s worth it.

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Join a Neighborhood Parents’ Listserv

Sure, it’s a great place to meet your new BFF and commiserate about sleep training, but neighborhood parents’ groups are also a goldmine for buying slightly used (and very discounted) goods. Think of it as a trustworthy alternative to Craigslist.

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Sign Up For Price Alerts on Items You Buy in Bulk

Diapers. Wipes. Baby food pouches. If there are items you buy constantly, and in bulk, stock up when you see a good deal. If you buy on Amazon, it can be as easy as setting up a notification to get alerted every time a product goes below a certain amount. (And then ordering as much as you can fit in your basement.)

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Sign Up for Email Newsletters From Your Favorite Kid Brands

Yes, it adds to the volume of promotions in your inbox, but it also bumps up the amount of savings when it comes to your bottom line. Here’s why: Most brands announce promotions and send out exclusive discount coupons to their most loyal followers first. A lot of times you can score savings—to the tune of 20 to 30 percent off—just for signing up. (If that knocks $200 off the cost of a crib, that’s not bad.)

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Or Hold Out for Holiday Weekends to Shop

Major retailers—think Buy Buy Baby and Toys “R” Us—are not immune to seasonal discounts, which is why it makes sense to time baby-related purchases with national holidays like Memorial Day Weekend, Thanksgiving (ahem, Black Friday) and more. While some brand exclusions may apply, the chances that you could score 20 percent off that Uppa Baby stroller you’ve been coveting are actually pretty high.

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