8 Millennial Baby Names That Are Popular with Parents

You gotta hand it to millennials: When it comes to out-of-the-box baby names, they’ve got the rest of us beat. (Come on, what other generation would name their offspring after salad ingredients?) Here, the names—compiled by a recent BabyCenter report—that we love…and a few we’ll leave to the under 30 crowd.

We're Calling It *These* Baby Names Will Definitely Be Trending in 2019

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1. Clementine

The trend: Naming your child after a health food.

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2. Kale

Salad ingredients as baby names are all the rage, according to BabyCenter, who also listed Sage and Kiwi as popular options. (For the record, Cale in Gaelic means thin and slender.)

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3. Peace

Stress is out. Zen is in. (This name surged a whopping 66 percent in popularity in 2018.)

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4. Saffron

In 2018, this name saw a 31 percent boost in popularity for girls.

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5. Ramirez

It’s a Fortnite thing. (This name jumped 57 percent for boys.)

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6. Ocean

What better reminder to be eco-friendly—a millennial mantra—than to name your kid after the sea? (Up 31 percent for boys, apparently.)

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7. Magnolia

Proof: Anything Joanna Gaines touches turns to gold. (It’s up 21 percent.)

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8. Rosemary

Is it just another trending herb? Or a long-standing love of the old-lady baby name? You decide. (Either way, it’s up 20 percent.)

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