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Double the pleasure, double the...something something. If you’re a mom of twins, you’ve heard it all (x2). But there’s a certain bond you’ll only ever share with mamas in your exact predicament delightful situation. Here, 19 things you understand only if you’ve got two to call your own.

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twin babies

1. That women are made with two boobs, two arms and two legs for a reason. (You can hold twins in the crooks of both knees.)

2. But that having two humans in your uterus is not a comfortable feeling. (Hi, four feet kicking you at 3 a.m.)

3. That the double Brest Friend looks insane when strapped on but is a true ergonomic wonder.

4. And there is nothing sweeter than two little burritos side by side in a crib.

twins sleeping

5. That people will ask you all of the time if they are identical—even after it's been made clear that they are different sexes.

6. And will helpfully comment, “You've sure got your hands full!”

7. And then find it totally appropriate to ask if you used in vitro.

twins pacifiers

8. That moms of triplets defy nature and deserve respect, awe and free sh*t. 

9. That moms of singletons need to stop complaining. (You have no idea what a sleepless night looks like, lady.)

10. That moms of identicals really don’t ever mix their kids up. Sorry, Parent Trap. 

11. Except in the night when they may accidentally breastfeed the wrong one.


twins kids laughing

12. That yes, they want to share a bedroom.

13. And go to the same summer camp.

14. And have a joint birthday party. 

15. That two little bodies + two big backpacks + first day of school = precious.

16. And that matching winter wear is very visually satisfying.

twins crying

17. That you will never meet both their needs at the same time, a realization which can force the whole family to embrace the chaos, tandem tantrums and overflowing hampers with delusional enthusiasm. 

18. That your twins’ bond is fierce, immediate and stronger than any you will ever have with either one of them. 

19. But that that’s OK, because there is no greater feeling than knowing they’ve got each other’s backs for life.

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