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You want your girl to grow up to be strong. But since she’s still too young to absorb the wisdom of Tina Fey, Michelle Obama, Carrie Fisher or Sheryl Sandberg, you’re resigned to playing princess…all the while plotting her presidency, of course. Here's to girl power. And to these 21 things that you definitely understand if you have a little lady at home.

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mom of girls 1

1. That the desire for manicures begins at age two.

2. And an obsession with shoes, even earlier.

3. That big brothers can do no wrong, even when they are depriving her of oxygen by sitting on her head.

mom of girls 3

4. That the ability to belt every word of "Let It Go" at top volume is innate, as she has never actually watched Frozen.

5. That My Little Ponies talk like valley girls.

6. That you could do worse for a role model than Doc McStuffins.

mom of girls 4

7. That your husband hung the moon, and that your dad is the absolute coolest.

8. That only the pull-ups with Dora or Dory on them are acceptable.

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mom of girls 5

9. That her maternal instinct may kick in before she’s out of said pull-ups, because she will try to kiss every baby (plastic, human, doesn’t matter) within a 50-foot radius.

10. That the questionably feminist themes in the Disney princess movies of your youth were kind of wack. (Wait, Ariel has to give up her voice for a dude?)

11. That watching Ursula vamp never gets old.


mom of girls 9

12. That Shopkins are a thing. And they are VERY IMPORTANT.

13. That if a T-shirt doesn't have a glittery cat on it, you should seriously not even bother.

14. Ditto headbands without cat ears.

15. That fairy wings are totally acceptable attire for the dentist.

mom of girls 7

16. That tutus are perfect for school and playing in mud, but tights are never to be worn to ballet unless they come with a bribe (see: Shopkins).

17. That everyone needs to drop what they're doing and watch her dance. Now. And applaud. Like you mean it.

18. That ponytail bumps are cause for wall-shaking rage.

mom of girls 8

19. That friendships between girls are beautifully deep—even before first grade.

20. But you will always be her BFF.

21. That you can never have enough stickers. 

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