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The Only 12 Things You Actually Need When You Bring Home Baby

Newborn Bassinet Fam SHop

A bassinet. Little Ruby is going to need a place to sleep, now isn’t she?

Fisher Price Rock and Play

Vibrating Rock ’n Play. For when she decides she hates the bassinet and will only sleep in something that jiggles.

Pampers Diapers Newborn Essentials

Diapers. Plan on needing about 150 diapers in the first three weeks (we kid you not) and remember: Some bigger babies won’t fit in newborn sizes at all, so if in doubt, get size 1s. 

Diaper Genie Newborn Essentials

Diaper Genie. Because those things stink.

Nuna Car Seat

Car seat. How else are you going to get that kid home from the hospital?

Nuna stroller

Stroller. Because after a week or so, you’re gonna need to get outside.

Nordstrom Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets. Go with the traditional ones or, for the swaddling-challenged, the idiot-proof Velcro kind.

Nursing Pillow Nordstrom Newborn Essentials

Nursing pillow. The typical postpartum feeding session lasts 45 minutes and happens every two hours. You guys need to be comfortable.

Bathrub Newborn essentials

Baby bathtub. In the first few weeks, a sponge bath is all your newborn really needs. Still, a tub will help you gently and safely support her head.

Baby First Aid Newborn Essentials

First-aid supplies. You’ll want a full range of supplies—a thermometer, diaper rash cream, Infants’ Tylenol, a nail file, the works.

Nordstrom Burp Towels

Burp cloths. Babies barf a lot…so be prepared for emergency cleanups and outfit changes.

Folgers Coffee

Coffee. You’ve got some long hours ahead of you, mama. You got this!

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