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The Best ‘Star Wars’ Merch to Get Your Fam This Year

Stormtrooper alarm clock star wars merch

Stormtrooper alarm clock. A gentle, but firm, wake-up call.

Star Wars Lightsaber Fam Shop

Lightsaber. Awaken the Force and prepare for an epic sword fight.

Darth Vader toaster

Darth Vader toaster. Luke, your toast is ready.

Star Wars Holiday sweater Nordstrom

Light-up holiday sweater. Who needs an ugly Christmas sweater when you have this?

Star Wars Death Star waffle maker

Death Star waffle maker. For a breakfast that’s out of this world.

Star Wars Catchphrase

Star Wars Catch Phrase. Game night just got a whole lot more competitive.

Darth Vader 3D backpack

Stormtrooper backpack. Cool enough to up his street cred, big enough to fit books and a lunch box.

Star Wars Finger Paint Activity Book

Thumb Doodles. Fingerprint your way through the galaxy with this fun activity book.

Star Wars bluetooth speaker

BB-8 Bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to play the movie’s theme song on repeat, but it’s probably best.

R2D2 cuff links

R2D2 cuff links. A subtle way to channel your inner nerd while still being suave.

Darth Vader Star Wars doormat

Doormat. To let guests know what they’re in for when they come over.

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