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Food and football are great and all (um, especially the food), but what are you supposed to do the rest of the day? Here, 11 fun Thanksgiving games that your entire brood can get in on. Winner gets the last slice of pumpkin pie. 

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B-Inspired Mama

Pumpkin Chuckin’

Not with actual gourds. Instead, take turns throwing toilet paper wrapped in orange fabric into a big basket. Make sure to change the distance from the basket depending on participants’ age (no cheating, Grandpa).

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The Seasoned Mom

Thanksgiving Bowling

Make these easy turkey pins first (the kids will love helping out), then use mini pumpkins to knock over as many as you can.

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Thanksgiving Twister Game with Pumpkins

DIY Pumpkin Twister Game

Aka how to have the whole family in a fit of laughter on the floor.

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The Gratitude Game for Thanksgiving

The Gratitude Game

Like Pick-Up-Sticks but with a thoughtful, Thanksgiving touch.

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Family playing football game on Thanksgiving
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Touch Football

The best way to work up an appetite is to get the entire squad involved in a friendly (that means keeping trash talk to a minimum) game of pigskin.

Group of kids playing a game of Thanksgiving charades
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Hey, it’s a classic for a reason. Give it a seasonal twist by only using Thanksgiving-related words (think: pumpkin, The Mayflower, wishbone, harvest).  

Group of kids playing candyland the board game

Board Games

We love Clue, Candy Land and Jenga. Attempt Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit at your own risk (has anyone ever finished a round of one of these games without a family meltdown?).

Girl playing pumpkin roll Thanksgiving game

Pumpkin Roll

Split up into teams, then head to the backyard with the biggest gourds you can find and see which team can roll theirs across the finish line the fastest. (Hey, you need to work off that turkey feast somehow.)

Candy Corn in a jar for Thanksgiving game1

Guess How Many?

Fill a mason jar or clear vase with fall candies (ahem, leftover Halloween treats) and let everyone take turns guessing how many are in there. Winner gets all the goodies. (As long as they share, of course.)

Mini pumpkins in cart

Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Hide tiny gourds around your home or backyard and let the kids find them. (Basically like an Easter Egg hunt but with mini pumpkins.)

Kids playing a puzzle game
vladans/Getty Images

Puzzle Time

Grandma and Grandpa might not want to try pumpkin rolling but everyone can get involved in a fun puzzle (while keeping an eye on the game, too). Keep it turkey-themed or opt for a 3D challenge.

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