15 Spring Activities for Kids That Make the Most of the Season

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Spring is just around the corner and after months of being shut indoors with our offspring, nothing gets us parents quite as excited as the prospect of beautiful weather and outdoor fun. Here, a roundup of the very best spring activities for kids that will help your family make the most out of the season, whether that looks like a full-blown family hiking excursion or just a gaggle of grown-ups enjoying mimosas on the porch while the kids blow *giant* bubbles on the lawn.

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1. Build a Birdhouse

Whether you’re hoping for a song-filled garden this spring, or simply want to attract pollinators to your front porch, a DIY birdfeeder is an easy, kid-friendly craft that promises a big seasonal reward. Best of all, you don’t have to hand your kid a hammer and nails to make this project happen. Instead, repurpose a mason jar, raid the recycling—milk jugs and plastic bottles work well—or gather some pinecones in the backyard and let your kid’s creativity (and a whole bunch of birdseed) take care of the rest. Psst: You can find some inspiration here.

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2. Blow (Giant) Bubbles

You’d be hard pressed to find a more wholesome and carefree activity for kids than simply blowing bubbles outside on a beautiful, sunny day. That said, anyone who has bought a dinky dollar store bottle of bubble solution knows that results aren’t guaranteed. (Seriously, if you shake that stuff up even a little, your kid will just spend 15 frustrating minutes spitting into the air.) Fortunately, we have it on good authority that this giant bubble mix truly delivers on its promise of fun that won’t fizzle out—and you can even make your own oversized bubble wand with a couple plastic straws and a piece of kitchen twine if you want to save a buck.

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3. Plant Flowers

News to no one: Spring is the perfect time to grow a flower garden. Head to a nearby nursery to pick out some seeds or potted flowers for your kid to put in the ground; this soothing, hands-on activity promises fresh air, sunshine and a visual reward that will inspire pride during every backyard romp.

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4. Fly a Kite

Stagnant summer heat is not ideal for flying kites, but breezy spring weather is a recipe for success. All you need for this nostalgic outdoor activity is a wide, open space (i.e., a field at your local park) and a well-constructed kite. Plus, there’s a rainy day craft to be found here, too—you know, since nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a homemade kite take flight.

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5. Go Hiking

The best spring activity is one that capitalizes on the mild weather…and what better way to do this than by planning a day hike on a nearby nature trail? The surroundings are scenic, and the outdoor exercise will do a restless kid right—just be sure to pack snacks and a picnic lunch so little hikers can rest up and refuel once they’ve reached the lookout point.

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6. Make a Tire Swing

OK the tire swing project itself might not be one that your child can pull off without some help from a grown-up—but this DIY is an excellent bonding activity that requires precious few materials and promises hours of backyard entertainment throughout the season. For instructions on how to get started, check out this handy guide.

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7. Play in the Sprinklers

When it comes to keeping a kid entertained on a sunny day, it doesn’t get much easier than this, friends. Just turn on the backyard sprinklers in the late spring (i.e., when the temperatures are most conducive) and let your kid loose for hours of jubilant water play. Bonus points if you bust out the slip n’ slide and host a few friends.

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8. Go Backyard Camping

The air is crisp, the after-dark temperatures are mild and the backyard no longer looks like a barren wasteland. Yep, it’s time to pitch a tent, light up the fire pit and send your kid out back to watch an outdoor movie (with some help from a projector screen, of course), tell ghost stories and fall asleep under the stars with their bestie; it’s a novel change to the bedtime routine your child will surely remember fondly.

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9. Do a Scavenger Hunt

When the ground begins to thaw and the landscape is making a lush, triumphant return, an outdoor scavenger hunt is a no-brainer. There are many ways to go about this, but we love the idea of a polaroid camera and a photo-based activity that involves finding bird’s nests, identifying flower species and chasing butterflies. When the hunt is complete, kids can use the photos to make a nature-inspired collage that’s worthy of a place on their bedroom wall.

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10. Have a Picnic

There’s nothing more delightful than a picnic in the spring. Equip your kid with a blanket and a basketful of good eats so they can make daisy chains whilst dining al fresco (be it in the backyard or the park) with a real-life friend or an armful of stuffies. And by all means, feel free to leave the lunch prep to your little one…after all, PB&Js aren’t all that hard to slap together.

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11. Volunteer at a Community Garden

Volunteer work is good for the community and the soul. Teach your child the value of giving back with a kid-friendly commitment that involves getting their hands dirty in the fresh spring air of a public garden for a day spent honing their green thumb and learning about eco-friendly practices like composting.

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12. Make a Wind Chime

Tin cans, random hardware and treasures from your kid’s bead collection can all be put to good use with a simple wind chime craft. The process requires creativity and ingenuity, and the finished product is a sweet-sounding and oh-so-pretty piece of patio decor that celebrates the season. Kids who need a little guidance can borrow some ideas from this roundup of easy DIYs.

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13. Go to a Farmer’s Market

After months of forcing down brussels sprouts and winter squash, the springtime farmer’s market bounty is a welcome treat. Take your child on an outing to a nearby market stand where they can talk to local growers, learn about food and score some peak-season produce for a cooking project back home.

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14. Ride a Bike

Will your kid hop on a balance bike, ride without training wheels for the first time or dust off that untouched two-wheeler that Santa brought when the weather was still too frosty for a ride? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if your child is starting from square one or simply brushing up on old skills, spring is the best season for pedaling down the block without breaking a sweat.

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15. Go Fruit Picking

It’s hard to beat the sensory pleasure of picking juicy spring strawberries on a sunlit orchard. Find a local farm with pick-your-own (PYO) possibilities and you’ve got a day of outdoor fun with a pretty sweet reward. Pro tip: Make sure that at least a few choice pieces of fruit find their way into a basket for the journey home, so you and your little one can enjoy a couple hours of baking together when all is said and done.

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