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Welp, Sophie the Giraffe Might Be Filled With Mold
Sophie the Giraffe

You know her. You love her. You paid $25 to replace her when your 7-month-old chucked her into a sewer. She's Sophie the Giraffe!

But bad news: she might be filled with mold.

According to a recent report from Good Housekeeping (and real mom reviews on What to Expect and Amazon), if you cut Sophie open, she might be coated with a fine layer of black mold.

Now is this gross? Yes. But is it dangerous? Probably not. Dr. Lyuba Konopasek, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics contacted by, notes that unless your kid has a mold allergy or immune disorder, there's not really any harm in coming into contact with such a benign fungus. In fact, all those bath toys chilling in your shower are probably full of the same moldy goo.

That said, if you'd still rather take precautions, try washing your Sophie in the top shelf of your dishwasher (on a hot cycle) every couple weeks. And if you're really icked out, go with one of those adorable wooden teethers instead.

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