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6 Secret Signs Your Husband Is an Amazing Father

He’s loving. (Duh.) He’s doting. (No, your four-year-old doesn’t need another Lightning McQueen costume.) He gives really, really good bear hugs. You know your hubby is a good father. But here are six super-sly ways he proves his amazing-dad-ness every single day.

He has inside jokes with the kids. He says “Potato brain!” and your first-grader bursts into hysterics. You definitely don’t get it...and you wouldn’t want to.

And posts way too many pictures of them on social media. You might worry about boring your followers with 900 tummy time pics. Him? Not so much. If it’s cute, he’s smitten—and wants to share with the world. 

He gets down on the floor/up in the tree/into the crib. Parenting is messy. And playful. And hard on your 36-year-old knees. Your guy not only gets this—he embraces it.

He knows their friends’ names. And the difference between Lucy S. (BBF!) and Lucy D. (total know-it-all).

He reads to them. And not just one reading of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. We’re talking seven readings of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. (Yeah, now say that five more times.)

Other moms are jealous of you. You know that feeling when all the ladies in book club complain about their useless, workaholic husbands? Sometimes it’s nice not to have anything to contribute.

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