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Trust: Those fabulous moms from daycare are more immersed in the biological composition of spit-up than they'd care to admit. But they're also willing to pull off a pair of velvet booties while chasing their 3-year-old and juggling the groceries. Here, six of their secrets. 

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They follow the 1:2 ratio

Cool moms know there's more to life than SAT prep and PTA bake sales. So for every one thing they say about their kids, they say two intelligent and interesting things about another non-parenting topic. (Say, that awesome article about Marina Abramovic they read last week.)


They hire babysitters

Yes, it's bonkers that you have to shell out $15 an hour just to go to the movies. But it's worth it to have some adult time outside your home. (Plus, we hear the teenager down the block only charges $12.)

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Their footwear isn't hideous

Honest question: Why does giving birth cause a previously stylish woman to enter a downward spiral of clogs, Crocs and sneakers designed for the nursing community? You don't have to wear stilettos to the playground, but keeping your shoes classy is a surefire way to stay out of the lame zone.


They have friends who aren't moms

Remember the 1:2 ratio? Nothing ruins that faster than a roomful of mommies blabbing about nap schedules. Sometimes that's OK—we all need our support systems. But if you want to stay hip and relevant, make time for meaningful friendships outside the playgroup circle.

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They use as few “mom” items as possible

Instead of a bulky diaper bag, cool moms treat themselves to a sleek, functional tote. Instead of a nursing cover, they invest in a chunky infinity scarf. And instead of those stupid teething necklaces, they wear, well, regular necklaces (or forgo the tempting jewelry if their kid is a real chewer).

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They don't (outwardly) worry

Sure, we all Google "Can a 4-year-old die from a mosquito bite?" from time to time. But a cool mom keeps it relatively chill and worry-free. So yeah, her children may be the ones eating sand while she stands back and talks about Stranger Things. But admit it: You'd rather be friends with her than with the lady running after everyone with Purell.

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