8 Real Moms on Relocating to the ’Burbs Versus Staying in the City

Stay in the city or move to the suburbs: The stakes can feel so high when you’re under pressure to choose. That’s why we asked a handful of real moms who have already made the decision—and come out on the other side—to share their wisdom. 

25 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up in the ‘Burbs


The Case For The ’burbs

The Mom of Two Who Traded Brooklyn for a Yard

Best Part: “I love coming home to a house and being able to send the boys (who are 3 and 5) out back to play. We also have great neighbors—something we were not accustomed to in Brooklyn.”

Worst Part: “I do miss the casual acquaintances that come in a city setting—the people you always see at the playground or the colorful character you pass on the same street corner.” 


The Mom Who Wanted Better Schools

Best Part: “Our plan is to send our daughter to public school and, unfortunately, that’s not a great option in our city, so the ’burbs won out.”

Worst Part: “I really miss living in a building with a trash chute and where, if anything went wrong, I just called the super.” 


The Mom Who Went Looking for Calm and Quiet

Best Part: “For us, it’s about having a calm environment for our daughter who’s now six months. We don’t have any noisy neighbors to worry about or any elevators or flights of stairs.”

Worst Part: “It might be in my head, but it always feels like friends in cities have an easier time making playdates. Living in the ’burbs can feel like it requires a real effort to make plans on weekends.” 


The Mom of Three Who Needed Parking

Best Part: “We now have three kids and we’re always so happy that loading and unloading the car so close to our front door is guaranteed.”

Worst Part: “I can’t think of one—we opted to live close enough to a city that we can still enjoy it without feeling stifled by it.”


The Case For The City

The Mom Who Put Education and Culture First

Best Part: “My daughter is now 15 years old and, call me a snob, but I love that she is exposed to all the city has to offer. She’s getting an amazing education at a private school here and is more savvy and sophisticated than a kid from the burbs.”

Worst Part: “I do long for a tree and a hammock, but we will get there someday. Once she is in college, we’re outta here.”


The Mom Who Wanted an Easy Commute

Best Part: “We are new parents, both working long hours, so being able to quickly commute to work and continue to maintain our social life was a priority.”

Worst Part: “As we add to our family, having a home with more space will be key.”


The Mom of Two Who Felt Diversity Was Important

Best Part: “There are 18 different languages spoken at our local elementary school!”

Worst Part: “The parking. Pretty sure my son’s first sentence was ‘Is it alternate side day?’”


The Mom of Two Who Loves the Sense of Community

Best Part: “There are so many parks and libraries and activities nearby, so there is never a shortage of things to do. I love being able to walk to so many places and have a sense of community in the places we frequent.”

Worst Part: “Ugh, the lack of square footage and no real backyard.”