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When your baby is born, the general motto is: “We’ll be happy as long as she’s happy.” Cut to six months later and it quickly switches to: “We’ll trade our left arm just to have her sleep for five consecutive hours.” Before you resort to limb bartering, look to these genius products.

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Land of Nod


A pretty night-light means that you won’t have to leave the door cracked.

Land of Nod ($59)

Bed Bath & Beyond

Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

It all starts with the routine. The earlier you instill these skills (and make them fun), the easier it’ll be for them in the future.

Dr. Brown’s ($8)


Bedtime Books

Desperate though you may be to plop them in front of Peppa Pig so you can have five seconds of sanity before the bedtime battle begins, resist the urge. Books win over the blue light, every time.

Farrar Straus and Giroux ($6)


Sleepytime Stuffed Animal

This cozy guy will help your kid get comfy and signal his mind that it’s time for snuggling.

Gund ($15)


Multivitamin Gummy

Give them these at night and they'll think of it like a bedtime "treat.”

Smarty Pants ($17)


Essential Oil Diffuser

Cue the chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang—anything to make ’em drowsy.

Triple Tree ($22)


White Noise Machine

So you can watch Ozark without fear that they’ll hear it.

Big Red Rooster ($19)


Blackout Shades

Maybe if they think it’s still dark at 7 a.m., they’ll stay in bed longer?

Nibesser ($40)


Programmable Alarm Clock

Perfect for kindergartners, this mini clock emits a green light that turns on whenever you deem is an acceptable time to start the day. 

Play Monster ($25)


Rocking Chair

The perfect place for them to start that nighttime reading routine while you drain the tub.

Keet ($40)

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