These Prince George-Inspired Headphones Are Designed for Babies on Flights

prince george headphones

You finally lulled your newborn to sleep after takeoff when the clanging of dinnerware jolts them unhappily awake.

That's where this pair of baby-friendly and noise-canceling headphones from BabyBanz comes in. This $30 style (worn by Prince George when his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, took him to test-drive helicopters) is designed to drown out loud sounds without shutting out ambient noise, a dream for your infant who hates the sound of a crackly announcement from the captain but doesn't even notice the whir of the engines.

Pack them in your carry-on as a last resort for the baby who's having a hard time settling down up in the air, in large part due to all the distractions they can't seem to ignore.

And a bonus: While some babies might balk at the idea of something on their head, this pair is especially lightweight and won't squeeze uncomfortably. In other words, you can slip them on baby's ears after he's already asleep.

Hey, if they're good enough for Prince George...

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