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There’s you, the OB-GYN waiting room and seven other moms-to-be who all look cool as cucumbers waiting for their appointments to begin. But aren’t they having acid reflux? And isn’t their belly band riding up around their midsection? Here, six tricks these preggo ladies have up their sleeves to make it all look easy peasy.

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They Invest in Clothes That Fit

Sure, you can totally make your regular jeans work for weeks—heck, months—with a belly band or this genius elastic trick. But the put-together pregnant lady knows: A quality pair of maternity jeans is worth its weight in gold. So is investing in one or two tops, sack dresses and bras designed to give extra support as your boobs grow. You’ll feel much more together and confident if you look much more together and confident. (Pregnant or not.)

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And They Always Carry Saltines and Tums

Of course, you’ll need to check with your doc ahead of taking Tums—typically, the limit for pregnant women is six a day—but having a backup plan for stomach acid is clutch…not that everyone at the movie theater doesn’t appreciate your serial belching.

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They Only Take Advice From One or Two People

From stroller brands to baby names, there’s no limit to the amount of maternity advice that comes at you when you’re expecting. Pregnant ladies who keep their cool know to limit what they take in and filter out the rest. Stick to one or two ladies in your life (and, OK, your OB-GYN), then respond to everybody else with, “What a great idea! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.”

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They Exercise (Even if Minimally)

If you can continue your running routine, great. But when you’re pregnant, even a brisk walk can work wonders when it comes to zapping stress and helping you feel more collected and calm. As a rule of thumb, always discuss any plans to resume or increase workouts with your doctor. But once you get the green light, make an effort to fit it into your week.

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They Know Their Limits and Stick to Them

Maybe staying out past nine turns you into a zombie. Maybe you can only walk two blocks before you get winded. When you’re growing a human, there’s no need to be a hero. Let pals know your limits ahead of time (“Since I had that dinner party last night, I need to stay in tonight,” “I’d love to come with you on that day trip, but I’m going to skip the hike,”) and relish in the joy that is not overextending yourself.

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And They Don’t Google Their Symptoms

As tempting as it is to ask the internet about every pang in your side, pregnant women who have their sh** together know to stay far, far away from the search results for common pregnancy Qs. Instead, they a) impose a wait-two-hours rule (usually, panic subsides in that time), b) ask only their trusted friends and c) email their doctor. (Best to go straight to the experts, no?)

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