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Congratulations! You’re expecting. And while the miracle of life is a beautiful thing, the overly staged photo shoot to announce the news can be awkward for everyone. (Maybe skip the full nudity for grandma’s sake?) Here, some tips on how to execute this flawlessly. Like Beyoncé.

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tot and belly

Get an Assist From Your Other Child

It’s hard to knock a little tot hugging momma’s bulging belly.


Or Get Your Hubs Involved, Too

He did his part, after all.

get your glow on

Channel Your Inner Goddess

You know that pregnancy glow everyone talks about? Own it.

get your vogue on

Or Your Inner Model

You know you’ve always wanted an excuse to get your Vogue on.

flower wall

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Especially if it’s coming from a wall of flowers…a little nature and nurture if you will.

in the kitchen

Pick a Familiar Location

Like your kitchen…or your living room. Knowing your surroundings will help you feel at ease, which comes across in photos. Again, a little help from big bro (or sis) never hurts.

go outdoors

Or Take it Outdoors

Go to your favorite beach or park and let nature take over. Bonus points if it’s during the golden hour (when the sun is low in the sky) or backlit for dramatic effect.

tiny shoes

Involve Some Props

We know, we know: The shoe shot is cliché. But if the shoes are really stylish, we deem it acceptable.

frame the shot

Frame the Shot Along the Bottom

Instead of keeping your horizon in the middle or top of the frame, consider framing it along the bottom to create a more interesting aesthetic.

sepia and dog

Play With Lighting (and Filters)

A little sepia (or black and white) gives pictures a vintage feel—and conceals any skin flaws you might be self-conscious about.

use a sign

Spell It Out

Who doesn’t love a good sign? (Also, preach, Momma. We feel you.)

cat photobomb

Involve Some Action

Because real life equals unmade beds and cats photobombing your shoot.

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