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Season’s Greetings from My First Trimester!
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Happy holidays, friends and family!

I’ll cut to the chase since Jeff and I have some wonderful news to share: We’re pregnant! Sure, it’s a bit early to be telling the masses, but you know me, Miss Can’t Keep a Home Ovulation Kit to Herself Johnson!

How we “found out” was also such a cute story: As soon as I missed my last period (I’m always on schedule with a moderate to heavy flow), I took an at-home pregnancy test every time I had to tinkle. The results? All positives! Based on our regimented conception schedule (we were doing twice-a-days!), we’re “guestimating” I’m about eight weeks along. (The doctor won’t see me until another week. Uptight, much?)

While you’re all probably waiting with bated breath for a sonogram, that will have to wait until we, you know, have a sonogram. In the meantime, we hope our holiday photo, a close-up of Jeff lovingly holding my belly, finds its way onto your fridge. I may not be showing yet, but we didn’t want to miss out on a pregnancy photo sesh (because next year, we’ll obviously have to use a photo of the baby).

The blogs are right: Being pregnant is a beautiful experience. My hair has never looked better and my boobs are huge. Fun! None of my clothes fit, but I’m too superstitious to start buying maternity clothes. So I’ve just been wearing a pair of baggy dress pants held up by a rubber band.

Jeff and I have been traveling a lot this year. We’re so blessed to have gotten in our time sipping margaritas and relaxing on the beach. Our vacation scrapbook will be online soon, as long as I stop getting sidelined by obsessively Googling “Zika in the Florida Keys?” and “Zika incubation period?” So many great memories.

Wow. Motherhood is already a beautiful way of course. With everything that’s going on—Jeff’s exciting promotion, my unexpected non-promotion (management apparently knows I’ve been “trying”)—you’re probably just as shocked as I am that I even had the time to write a holiday note this year. But in between throwing up and huddling in the corner crying, I was able to draft this up. See? We can have it all!

But amid the terror (and beauty, of course!) of becoming parents, we also have so much to be thankful for. Jeff finally got a new car, and I got a used rice cooker from a garage sale, which has come in handy since the only thing I can keep down is plain white rice, ha ha ha.

That’s about it from Pregnancy Land. Looking forward to a bright and hopeful 2018 full of new adventures and swift and effective epidurals.

xoxo, The Johnson Family

P.S. Yes, we do have a name picked out, but we’d like to keep that to ourselves until the baby arrives. (It’s Finnigan.)

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