30 Portuguese Baby Names That Are Seriously Adorable

Maybe you’re hoping to honor your baby’s Portuguese roots or perhaps you’re just drawn to the language, which is quite beautiful, we must admit. Either way, you’re sure to find something you fancy on our list of Portuguese baby names. Read on and take your pick.

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1. Afonso

This Portuguese variant of the name Alfonso means ‘noble and ready.’ Fun Fact: It was also the name of the first king of Portugal.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a feminine name of Latin origin that’s quite popular in Portugal. It means ‘industrious, brave and diligent.’

3. Aurelio

‘Golden’ is the meaning of this energetic boy name, which actually hails from Italy, but has caught on in Portugal, too.

4. Léonie

This Portuguese baby girl's name has Latin origins and a fierce meaning: ‘lioness.’ We also love its elegant, lyrical sound.

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5. Clara

Clara, a feminine name of Latin origin meaning ‘bright and clear,’ is an oh-so pretty option with plenty of European flavor.

6. Tomás

Pronounced toe-MAHS, this is a boy’s name of Portuguese and German origin that means ‘twin.’

7. Lara

Lara is used as a girl’s name in several languages, including Portuguese and Russian. It has Latin roots and means ‘citadel, protection’ and ‘cheerful.’

8. Marina

Popular among Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, this girl’s name of Latin origin means ‘one of the sea.’

9. Margarida

This four-syllable Portuguese girl’s name rolls off the tongue and means ‘daisy flower.’ (Cute, right?)

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10. Beatriz

Beatriz is a girl’s name of Spanish and Portuguese origin that means ‘voyager,’ ‘blessed’ and ‘bringer of joy.’  There’s a good chance your baby will live up to that last one.

11. Diana

If you’re looking for a girl’s name with a regal ring to it, try Diana on for size. This traditional feminine name of Indo-European origin means ‘divine’ and ‘goddesslike.’

12. Sanrevelle

Here, a traditional but rare Portuguese name that represents brightness and radiance.

13. Mélina

This cute and youthful girl’s name has Greek origins and means ‘sweet as honey.’

14. Valente

Italian, Galician and Portuguese in origin, Valente is a strong name for boys that means ‘brave’ and ‘vigorous.’

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15. Santiago

Popular in Spanish-speaking countries and Portugal, this masculine name translates to ‘Saint James.’

16. Liliana

This common Portuguese girl’s name of Latin origin means ‘pure and innocent.’ It’s also a pleasure to say, thanks to its dreamy combination of vowels and soft consonant sounds.

17. Sofia

A variant of the classic Greek girl’s name Sophia with the same meaning—’wisdom.’

18. Vincente

Vincente is a Portuguese boy’s name with Spanish and Latin roots that means ‘conquering.’

19. Matilde

This strong Portuguese name for girls is a variant of the Germanic name Matilda and means ‘mighty in battle.’

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20. Vidal

Here, a beloved Portuguese boy’s name with a fittingly celebratory sound that means ‘life’ and ‘vitality.’

21. Benedita

Benedita is a girl’s name of Portuguese origin that means ‘blessed.’ It’s also downright fun to say.

22. Pedro

Popular throughout Portugal, Pedro is the Spanish form of Peter, which comes from the Greek word petros and means ‘stone’ or ‘rock.’ Let’s just say it’s a solid choice.

23. Mila

Short, but sweet—Mila is a name of Spanish origin that means ‘miracles.’

24. Madalena

This feminine name of Portuguese origin is a variant on Magdalena that simply translates to ‘woman from Magdala,’ a biblical reference to Mary Magdalene.

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25. Joana

Joana is a Portuguese girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘God is gracious.’

26. Inês

Short and very soft-sounding, Inês is a popular Portuguese girl’s name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘pure’ and ‘chaste.’

27. Salvador

Salvador is the Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese form of the Late Latin name Salvator, which means ‘savior.’ (Psst: It was also the name of a certain Spanish artist.)

28. Camila

This feminine name of Portuguese origin has religious undertones, being derived from the Latin word camillus, which translates to ‘young religious servant.’

29. Duarte

This boy’s name has Iberian origins and is a Portuguese alternative to the name Eduardo, or Edward, which means ‘wealthy guardian.’

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30. Martim

‘Son of Mars’ is the meaning of this Portuguese variant of the boy’s name Martin…and Mars was the God of War, so you get the idea.

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