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As a new parent, your first day on the playground can be more intimidating than even your kid’s first day of school. Sure, there are the park rules clearly written out on the entrance sign, but there are also about a million unwritten ones that mean eye rolls galore if you break them. If you want to be voted most popular parent, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

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bad playground habits 1
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Following your kid up all the equipment
If your tot is new on the scene, playground equipment can be terrifying. So helping your one-year-old down the slide is totally normal, but setting up camp in the jungle gym because you’re too scared to let your seven-year-old climb alone is invasive to the kids’ space. Let kids be kids; playgrounds are made for them. 

Letting your kids borrow toys and not return them
Most parents are cool with sharing toys on the playground, but they shouldn’t have to launch a full-scale manhunt to get them back. It’s your job to keep tabs on that Paw Patrol soccer ball your son stole borrowed and return it safely to the stroller where it belongs.

bad playground habits 2

Giving your child free rein with water toys
Sure, it’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean parents want to get soaked (especially the lady with the new Chloe bag). Tell your little terror that if he wants to have fun with water guns and balloons, he better avoid the adult on the bench quietly watching his toddler.

Cutting the line at the swings
Waiting for a swing to open up can be more tedious than waiting in line for the newest iPhone. Unless you want a slew of children throwing tantrums—and a slew of moms throwing shade—be considerate and make sure you don’t cut to the front.

bad playground habits 3

Hogging the slide
Your little girl loves to go down the slide. Then walk back up it. Then lay on it. Then eat a five-course meal in the middle of it. Just because it’s her turn doesn’t mean she gets to move in and sign a lease. Keep her moving along and you’ll keep all the other moms from grumbling about you behind your back.

bad playground habits 4
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Not disciplining your kid
If you want to see a mom turn into a mama bear, let your kid be a bully and don’t say anything. You don’t have to negotiate every toy battle, but if your kid keeps biting, kicking, screaming or stealing toys, you should definitely step in. 

Disciplining all the kids
Seriously, isn’t it hard enough to raise your own children?

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