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So you’re strolling through the kids’ section at your favorite department store and find an adorable jacket that would be perfect for your baby/nephew/bestie’s kid. But by the time you come home, the child’s basically already outgrown it. (OK, slight exaggeration but not entirely false.) Children grow at an incredible rate, which translates into a lot of wasted clothing (bad for your wallet and the environment). But now, one company is out to fix the problem with a new clothing range that can grow an incredible six sizes.  

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Petit Pli expandable clothing on baby and toddler
Petit Pli

Petit Pli (French for “little pleat”) has created a line of gender-neutral outerwear that kids can wear from four months to 36 months. (As in, you could buy your baby a jacket that will last him until he’s three years old.) Made with fabric that expands, the clothes are also windproof, waterproof and can easily fit into your pocket. Oh, and they’re machine washable, too.

Petit Pli expandable pink clothing
Petit Pli

So what’s the catch? Well, the fashion-forward garments might not be for everyone. There’s definitely an element of sci-fi in the aesthetics. And the brand is only in the initial phases, which means that the clothes aren’t available to buy yet (so no word on how much they’ll cost).

Petit Pli expandable clothing child playing with bubbles
Petit Pli

Bottom line: We’re definitely into the idea of not having to go clothes shopping every other month, and the origami-esque look wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve seen kids wear. And who knows? Maybe some fashion trendsetters will get on board, too (looking at you, George and Charlotte).

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