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5 Pet Parent Work Perks Some Companies Are Offering
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There’s nothing better than coming home to be greeted by your dog. Well, almost nothing: Wouldn’t you rather have Rufus with you all day long? Some folks have already hit the work-life-pet-balance jackpot. In fact, we spoke to Gabby Slome, cofounder of (and creator of the pet parent policy at) Ollie—a dog food company that delivers fresh, healthy food to your doorstep—who tuned us into all the pet parent perks her company, and others, offer. Here, five benefits that all animal lovers should know about when looking for their next gig. 

“Paw-ternity” Leave
Bringing home a new four-legged family member isn’t exactly like bringing home a new baby human, but, as Slome points out, “Getting a new dog is a big adjustment for any family. There are endless runs to the store to get all the necessary items, getting them acclimated to their new home and you acclimated to a new routine, and of course required training that needs to begin (this is true for a puppy or an older adopted dog).” That's why, according to Slome, Ollie employees get a whopping one week of paid paw-rental leave after welcoming a new dog into their family. Approved time off to teach Doggy Pawton not to pee on the West Elm rug? That’s a win. 

Dog Friendly Office
Not having to book or pay for dog-care? Cha-ching. Bringing your pooch to work not only means it’s take-your-best-friend-to-work day every day, but your co-workers will also get to share the joy of that wagging tail. Psst: Science says having a dog can help you live longer…so why not share the wealth with your co-workers? But for Ollie employees, a dog-friendly office policy goes beyond getting to bring Ralph in every day. It also means monthly and quarterly pet parent meet-ups and expert education sessions to touch on everything from dog training to new pet parent must-knows, holistic pet care, aging dog care and more.

Free Dog Food
You would never not drive the 45 minutes to and from the only store that sells freeze-dried raw reindeer…but if you got high-quality food for free, we have a feeling you’d be more than happy to make the change. (If you work for a pet food company, there’s a high likelihood they offer this perk.) Slome told us that at Ollie, employees with a dog receives a free personalized Ollie meal plan (valued around $200 per month). *Immediately looks for job listings at Ollie*

Sick Leave
Ringo Starr needs a tooth removed? That would usually mean taking an entire vacation day at the vet. Bleh. But as Slome explains, “Just like us humans get paid time off for sick days or when our human kids get sick, we understand when pets aren't feeling so well either.” A company that will let you WFV (work from the vet) could be a serious lifesaver to all those travel plans you have. For example, at Ollie, employees can take up to three paid sick days. After three consecutive business days, Ollie asks for a note from the vet and offers continued flexibility to work from home to care for their pet so they can nurse their pup back to health.

Bereavement Days
When you lose a pet, concentrating on the day-to-day can be nearly impossible—it’s losing a member of your family, after all. While some jerks might roll their eyes at the amount you’re suffering, a company that has your back in this time is a total game changer. Ollie offers its employees one day of paid leave, giving them time to grieve, so they can come back to work in better shape. 

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