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You guys. Halloween is less than a week away. Whether you’ve been planning your costume for months or you’re gonna skip the whole dressing up thing this year, we’re willing to bet you’ll see at least a few of the following 16 types of people come All Hallows’ Eve.

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1. The parents who are way more into it than their kids. 

2. And the parents just trying to get through the day in one piece. 

3. The girl who managed to make something so fundamentally unsexy into a "sexy" costume that you can't help but be impressed (looking at you, sexy DMV employee). 

4. The guy using Halloween as an excuse to walk around shirtless. 

5. The person phoning it in.

6. The person whose costume makes you say “too soon.” Cough, cough: Harvey Weinstein.

7. The person trying to go about her day not making eye contact with any scary costumes for fear of crying in public.

8. The person who didn't get the memo that Left Shark was only marginally funny back in 2015.

9. The couple who are super into their matching costume. (You're like, "Get a room, Mario and Luigi.")

10. And the couple who’s super not into their matching costume (and in a whisper fight about it).

11. The girl dressed as Wonder Woman.

(JK, there will be at least nine girls dressed as Wonder Woman.)

12. The guy dressed as Wonder Woman.

13. The one girl in a group costume who's clearly unhappy with her outfit and is acting really passive aggressive about it. (Total Miranda move.)

14. The person bumping into everyone and everything because they just had to go as a 19th-century tugboat.

15. The girl whose makeup you’re jealous of.

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16. The dog who makes seeing all of the aforementioned people totally worth it.

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