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Traditional goodie bags are great and all, but to make your kid’s party really stand out, try one of these fun ideas instead. Here, nine cool party favor bags organized by theme. Because you know that someone is going to want a Moana birthday bash this year.

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‘Frozen’ Party

Whether you’re celebrating coronation day or a birthday, little hands will have a hard time letting go (see what we did there?) of these fun knickknacks, including Arendelle-themed pencils, tattoos, stickers and snowflake stampers.

Amazon ($18 for a party of 12)

Soccer Party

Everyone’s a winner with one of these golden trophies.

Juvale ($24 for a party of 12)

‘MOANA’ Party

The Moana stampers and pencils are cool, but kids will really love transforming into demigod Maui with the 24 tattoos included. (Don’t forget to get Moana’s magical seashell necklace for the birthday kid.)

Amazon ($14 for a party of 10)

Princess Party

Everything you need for a magical day including sparkling tiaras, sequin star wands and rhinestone rings.

Neliblu ($16 for a party of 12)

‘Harry Potter’ Party

Accio broom pens, wands, glasses and lightning scar tattoos for budding wizards, witches and anyone still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts.

HeroFiber ($38 for a party of 16)

Lego Party

Choose from 20 mini figurines, each with a different profession. (Our personal favorite? Merlin.) Bulk out the party bag by tossing some brick slap bracelets and brick notepads in there, too.

Kid’s Corner Productions ($15 for 20)

‘Sesame Street’ Party

Want a party favor that’s fun and educational? Send each kid home with their own book. You’ll be the most popular mom on the block.

Sesame Street ($25 for eight)

Dr. Seuss Party

Not just any pen—these are Truffula tree pens inspired by the Lorax. Add some colorful candy into the mix and you’re good to go.

Raymond Geddes ($15 for 12)

Puppy-Themed Party

This set has everything you need for a fetching (sorry, we had to) doggy-themed party—puppy favor boxes, puppy notepads, paw pencils, puppy collar bracelets and puppy tattoos.

RBBZ Party ($25 for a party of 12)


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