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True or False: Is Your Parenting Knowledge Out of Date?

iPads, Hatchimals and whether or not to let your 14-year-old have an Instagram account—raising kids today is so different from even ten years ago. But that doesn't mean that old-fashioned (and downright wrong) parenting tenants don't persist. In fact, according to a study from Baby Facts, 13 percent of pediatricians still buy into outdated notions of how to raise a tiny human. Do you? Time to ask yourself “true or false?” when it comes to these commonly debated tips.

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Ice Baths Are Good for Bringing Down High Fevers in Young Children
False. Shivering can actually make the situation worse. 

Caffeine Stunts Growth
False. Don’t believe what Cher Horowitz said. Still, everything in moderation. 

Chicken Pox Is Contagious Before the Rash Appears
True. Avoid all the moms at the playground giving you the side-eye.  

Wounds Heal Quicker When Exposed to Air
False. Want that cut to heal faster? Cover it with some Neosporin and a bandage. 

Babies Under 12 Months Should Not Have Honey
True. Let your foodie try it in a few years. 

Aspirin Is Good for Treating Your Kid's Fever 
False. Giving Aspirin to kids with a virus can be incredibly dangerous

Playing Mozart Makes Your Baby Smart
False. We wish. We’d be geniuses. 

Rubbing Alcohol Lowers a Fever
False. So if you ever heard that putting rubbing alcohol on a baby’s skin brings down a fever, wipe that folk remedy from your brain.

The Best Way to Stop a Bloody Nose Is to Tilt the Head Back
False. Actually it’s the opposite. (Sorry, Grandma Shirley.)

It’s Safe to Sleep an Infant on Its Side
False. This one’s been Ping-Pong-ing for a while. But the most recent and researched consensus is that babies should sleep on their backs, not sides.

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