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Older Moms Live Longer, According to Science
Christopher Polk/Getty Image

Janet Jackson was on to something. A recent study from the Women’s Health Initiative found that postponing the birth of a first child is associated with longevity.

The study of nearly 28,000 women found that those who waited until the age of 25 or older to get pregnant were 11 percent more likely to live to age 90. Also, among white women, those who had two to four children were more likely to outlast those who had only one child. 

Although Dr. Aladdin Shadyab and his team didn’t set out to explore the cause of this longer life span, many factors point to better access to health care, since older moms often secure higher levels of education and therefore income.

In fairness, 25 is hardly the definition of “older mom.” (Hi, Ms. Jackson.) But if it gives us further validation for waiting on kids until we’re damn good and ready, we’re all ears. 

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