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Older Moms Have Smarter Kids, Says Science (Take That, Biological Clock)

You did your 20s. You established your career. You saw a bit of the world. And now you are entering your 30s and ready to have some babies, dammit. Well, not so fast, hot shot: A new study says that delaying pregnancy into one’s mid-30s (and beyond!) could cause your kids to be smarter, fitter and taller.

The study, conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, followed 1.5 million women and analyzed the connection between maternal age and things like the height, weight and school grades of their children. The findings? If two women are the same age, the one who delays pregnancy is more likely to have the smarter, svelter child.

And the reason why, may surprise you. 

According to the research, it has to do with advances in health, science and educational opportunities…meaning a child born to a 40-year-old in 2017 would fare better than one born to her 20-year-old peer in 1997. Yes, there are still developmental risks associated with “advanced maternal age” pregnancies, but according to the study, the benefits do ultimately outweigh them.

In other words, your biological clock may be giving you bad advice. (That is, if the intelligence and attractiveness of your offspring is important to you.)

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