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Cool Toy Alert: Lego Tape Is the New Washi Tape

Mom goal: Getting through the Lego aisle at the toy store without breaking the bank. That’s why we were so blown away by this super-cool project called Nimuno Loops (aka Lego tape), now raising funds on IndieGogo.

Basically, the reusable adhesive-backed tape makes it possible for kids to build Lego projects on any surface, damage-free. Simply cut a piece of the tape to your desired length and stick it wherever you like (either an already-in-progress Lego design or the side of your fridge, giving your kids the ability to build sideways).

Since the tape is Lego-compatible, it works with all standard-sized blocks. It’s also flexible and stretchable, so kids can wrap it around soft angles or awkward surfaces. (Take a peek at the demo video to see the tape in action.)

And here’s the best news: The project has already far surpassed its fund-raising goals, with orders expected to start shipping in August 2017. Perfect timing for summer vacation.

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