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Meet the lifestyle blogger who puts her family front and center

Nicole DiGiacobbe never thought she’d put her kids’ lives online. But after giving birth to Olivia, 2, and Emmy, 6 months, she realized: Finding a support system as a new mom is hard. “Maybe your best friend doesn’t have a kid yet or you’re just searching for someone who can relate to what you’re experiencing,” she says. With a law degree in her back pocket and a budding interest in photography, she turned to Instagram—and was stunned to find a community of like-minded moms.

Starting out, I would post a few photos here and there. Almost instantly, I would get comments asking for advice about everything from first foods to first words. It got me thinking: This could be a blog.
Nicole DiGiacobbe

Twenty-four weeks after her youngest daughter was born, Nicole—who's based in Nashville—launched This Lovely Life. The blog tackles all things motherhood and marriage, but most importantly how to lead a healthy life and take care of yourself in between. “Being a mom isn't the easiest job in the world,” Nicole says. “You’re sleep-deprived and you have different struggles, but simultaneously, you know your kids are only going to be this little for so long and you want to soak it all up.”

On what it’s like to be a mom of two girls. "It's the absolute best. Olivia is an outgoing, funny, sweet and sassy toddler, with very strong leadership qualities. She's also such a mama's girl. And Emmy is an easygoing, happy-go-lucky, sweet little peanut that gets bashful and crinkles her nose at anyone who says hi to her. Watching the two of them together makes my heart burst. My husband Matt and I feel incredibly blessed to watch their bond continue to grow stronger every day. One of the best parts of parenting is watching their personalities evolve." 

On finding time for date night. “It’s definitely hard. My husband, Matt, found a work-around, though. Our date nights have turned into date afternoons during nap time. As soon as the girls go down, my mom will come over and stay at the house while Matt and I go get brunch or lunch. We usually go to a place called Terrain, which is this beautiful garden house where the bread is served in flowerpots. At night, we’re so exhausted. The last thing we want to do is get dressed up and go out to a late dinner. Day dates are the perfect escape.”

On how she takes such gorgeous Insta pics. "Lighting and Presets. Natural lighting is always key to taking beautiful photos but that isn't always the ideal situation, especially as a mama! When I'm indoors and my photos aren't coming out "Instagram-worthy" on my iPhone, I apply a preset, which essentially a professional photo filter! I created my own custom presets to help others take better photos too and started my own online company Nicole DiGi Presets. I'm officially a #mompreneur!"

On her most hilarious mom fail. “I once did a load of laundry and there was a dirty diaper in the machine the whole time. It was so bad. But the worst part was when I discovered it, I yelled ‘sh**!’ or something like that. My daughter started repeating that word all day because she thought it was hysterical. So then, we had to maneuver the word ‘sh**’ to ‘No, no, we were saying, lit! The light is so bright!’ Eventually, she switched and would say ‘lit’ and laugh and laugh. But, whoa, lesson learned.”