4 Years in the Making, the Silky Nursing Bra Has Finally Arrived

For many women, breastfeeding is not an easy-breezy process (things leak, ducts get clogged and getting your kid to latch on can require all sorts of finagling). One thing that can help things go a little smoother? A decent nursing bra that offers support as well as easy access to that precious liquid gold.

That’s why we were so excited to hear about the latest launch from beloved intimates brand Negative Underwear that’s been four years in the making. The duo behind the silky nursing bra, founders Marissa and Lauren, revealed on Instagram that they have spent a combined 6,300 hours breastfeeding between them. Which means they know a thing or two about what makes a good bra (comfort, ease and support) and what can make a challenging situation worse (itchy tags, frumpy designs and bad fit).

negative underwear nursing bra
Negative Underwear

The bra features super stretch fabric for a nursing mama’s changing body (how is it that the same bra that offered you support on Monday can leave the gals feeling saggy come Wednesday?), easy-to-use clips so that your baby can get access to milk without delay and a wide elastic band that doesn't dig or roll.

Bra sizes ranges from 0 to 4 (which will fit breasts 30A to 38DD) and are available in black or buff.

The bra makers shared the news on Instagram, saying: “For a job as important as it is time consuming, we believe women deserve better. So we made one. One we've loved to wear and are proud to share. For all the mamas doing the hard work. This one's for you.”

We'll take two, please.

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