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She’s got years of adorable homemade macaroni necklaces and glitter-glue cards ahead of her. So for this new mom’s first time celebrating Mother’s Day, give her something the chic lady inside can lust over—and put to use immediately. We guarantee these nine gifts will warrant a “How did you know?!” (and maybe a few tears of joy).

lj season dress

A Comfortable Dress (for When She’s Finally Able to Ditch the Sweatpants)

With its clever design and ethical make, the Pepper dress is great for a low-maintenance lady who appreciates easy fashion. (Hint: This probably describes the new mother in your life right now.) It’s made from 100 percent silk sourced in California, and she can wear it in a multitude of ways: tied at the bottom, wrapped at the waist, or loose, flowing and layered over her trusty pair of maternity jeans.

Season ($285)

london jewelers 7

A Weekly Home Cleaning

Knock one thing off her to-do list and spring for a service that’ll send over vetted professionals to detail her house each week. Choose from three months, six months or nine months of cleanings, pick exactly how many hours you’d like them to be there and even add on little extras (like laundry or cleaning out the fridge). Trust: This is a weight lifted like no other. 

Handy (from $90)

Sponsored london jewelers integration
London Jewelers

Jewelry She Can Build Upon

This first holiday deserves something classically commemorative, and going with a dainty gold bracelet she can wear anytime (and anywhere) is a good choice for a new mom. It can also be the start of a fun gifting tradition so that she’ll eventually have a wrist full of Mother’s Day bangles to admire—and a beautiful collection to pass down one day. 

London Jewelers Infinity Bracelet ($525)

daily harvest london jewelers

A Daily Smoothie Subscription

If you love someone, gift her smoothies. This subscription service delivers a set number of cups with ready-to-blend ingredients right to her doorstep each week. All she’ll have to do is add liquid and blend. There are 14 flavors to choose from, too—so if she’s feeling a bit more cold brew and almond after a long night up with a screaming baby, she’s taken care of. (Psst: They also have soups.) 

Daily Harvest ($8 per cup)

london jewelers 6

A Magazine of Personal Photos

Her camera roll is overflowing with pictures of her little one smiling, sticking her face into a plate of spaghetti and sleeping like a doll (just not when she’s supposed to be, of course). The app Recently will take all of these adorable memories and turn them into a print magazine once a month. They’ve also partnered with Every Mother Counts, so 100 percent of the net proceeds of your gift will go straight to helping make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers everywhere.

Recently ($10 per month)

click and grow
Click and Grow

A Zero-Pressure Indoor Garden

For the lady who loves greenery but realistically won’t be tending to a bunch of plants as if they were her children (greetings from her actual child), get a Click and Grow. These growers make sure the plants have enough light, water and nutrients at all times, so she won’t have to do a darn thing to keep her lavender or tomatoes alive.

Click and Grow ($100)

london jewelers 2

A More Useful Makeup Kit

Because right now, when it comes to beauty, chances are she probably uses whatever old lip balm she can fit in a diaper bag. Help her sustain a real beauty regimen again by giving her some products that are small in size and made for toting around (for some perspective, this eye shadow palette is the size of a credit card). And because picking out makeup for someone else can be hard, Stowaway is now offering a great new concierge service that will help you choose the perfect shades and products when you send in a photo of her face.

Stowaway set (from $39)

london jewelers 1
Stitch Fix

An (Online) Personal Shopper

Since going shopping (and even sifting through online stores) is kind of a time suck, a gift card to the clothing delivery box Stitch Fix might be just the thing. She can either opt for automated deliveries (and pay only for what she keeps) or simply request a shipment whenever she feels like it. Everything in the box will be specially curated according to her preferences, and she only keeps what she likes.

Stitch Fix (from $20)

london jewelers 3

A Smart Piece of Luggage

Remind her that she will be able to travel again one day, and when she does, it’ll be in tech-chic style. This suitcase not only charges her phone but also tells her how much her packed bag weighs and homes in on its location (is it seriously not at baggage claim yet?) when she downloads the corresponding app. Consider sweetening the deal with a long weekend getaway for two.

Raden ($395)

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