The At-Home Mommy and Me Yoga Routine That’ll Help You Both Unwind

You’ve both been cooped up inside all day, and it’s starting to get to you. You could really use a good stretch, and your kid probably could, too, but most YouTube videos online are either too advanced or too zen (read: boring) for the Sesame Street-loving crowd. That’s where Union Square Play comes in. We’ve partnered with the New York-based children’s club to come up with a free mommy and me yoga routine you can do at home that will keep you both entertained—and leave you feeling relaxed.

Yogi Asunda Peters leads the class in the video above, and her secret superpower is balancing that line between engaging kids and ensuring that parents get a solid stretch in, too. She’s friendly and encouraging, and she goes through the whole flow in 18 minutes flat—just less than an episode of Paw Patrol, because (let’s face it) that’s roughly the length of any preschooler’s attention span. Turns out, finding your moment of zen and having a little fun aren’t mutually exclusive.

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