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With some kids, it’s a struggle just to get them to sit still while you comb the knots out of their hair. With others, they want a new braid or barrette every other day. Which is why a parent needs options. From the simple to the slightly more advanced, here are 15 styles to keep in your back pocket.

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Side-Parted Pigtails

Whereas a center part highlights any bumps or flyaways, a side part is more forgiving.

A Smooth Topknot

A sleek topknot works on all hair textures (and takes all of three minutes to do).

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The Messy Topknot

Aka mommy’s go-to look on most days. (Hey, the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.)

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The Pop Star Swoop

We call this the Bieber (back when he was just a baby-faced kid with a squeaky voice).

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The GQ Spikes

Perfect for when you haven’t had time to take your kid for a cut. (Why does hair grow so fast anyway?)

The Crown Braid

The best thing about this guy is that it keeps everything out of your child’s face. (Here's a cute tutorial if you, like us, need a refresher on braiding.)

The High Pony

The higher the better, y’all. 

The Dapper Comb Over

For your perfect little gentleman.

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The Pixie and the Plait

To each their own.

The Flower Crown

Let the headpiece do the talking (and the mom do the resting).

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The Head Wrap

Another case for a statement hair accessory.

The Faux Hawk

A quick (and foolproof) fix for bedhead.

The Polished Side Part

For the old soul in your fam.

The Double Buns

The '90s are making a comeback after all.

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The Bubble Braid

It looks more complicated than it actually is, but a bubble braid is basically a bunch of interlaced ponytails punctuated with colorful hair ties. 

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