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Most kids don’t particularly like sitting still in a hairdresser’s chair (even if it is in the shape of a rocket ship). And most moms don’t have the time or capacity to think of what stylish cut to ask for once they get their squirmy kid to the salon. So we found eight ideas for you—all as cute as they are easy to maintain.

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The Modern Day Bowl Cut

Whereas a traditional bowl cut is shorter and symmetrical all around, a modern one is more layered and long. Bonus: This is one style that actually looks better as it grows in (which buys you more time between trims).

The Relaxed Faux Hawk

Once the little guy has gotten too cool for a bowl cut, he can graduate to this edgier faux hawk. Keep an electric clipper at home for easy touch-ups on the back and sides.

The Sculpted Faux Hawk

Same cut, but with less regular trims involved since the sides are slightly longer here. Use a scoop of gel or wax to slick it to his liking. 

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The Layered Curl

Calling all mommas of curly-Qs: Find a stylist who knows curly hair early on so your little lady gets the most bounce (and less tangles) from her ringlets. Each one should be snipped carefully so it's not too heavy in any one section. 

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The Choppy Pixie

A pixie cut—with some subtle layers in the back and on the sides—is especially darling on little cherubic faces. Plus, the shorter length ensures less painful snarls and tangles every morning.

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The Surfer Shag

With a steady hand and a good pair of shears, anyone can snip a kid’s hair into this artfully disheveled ’do.

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The Little Mermaid

A long, single-length cut is great because it's easy to trim at home (and can go up into a ponytail in a heartbeat).

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The Full Fringe

There’s no better way to frame little faces than with some long bangs. Just remember not to cut above the eyebrows because remember how tragic school picture day was for you?

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